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From Ex. President’s Desk


Akin to the communities spread across the country like the Bhatkal navayathis, Gujarati memons , the Beary community too has its own dialect and culture that has a history of over 1300 years . The Beary Muslims resided across the coastal line of Kasargod till Barkur in Kundapur much before the invasion of the Portuguese and the British. The invasion of Portuguese and the British saw many cultural changes and also introduction of western education. It is the fear of conversion into Christianity that the leaders forbid western education and prohibited learning of English language.

It is this prohibition that cost the community and was left behind in the race of education. Until 1980, the community was denied English education.

The creation of the State dates back to 1799 during the reign of Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan. The death of Tippu in 1799 saw the birth of Kanara district which then belonged to the Mumbai Presidency town. 1862 witnessed the division of districts into North Kanara and South Kanara which comprised of Kasargod, Mangalore and Udupi which belonged to the Madras Presidency. 1-11-1956 saw Kasargod become a part of Kerala and South Kanara became a part of the Mysore state. Udupi then became a separate district.

Until 1980 , the life of the Bearys was in distress. With rampant unemployment and poverty ,the members were left at the mercy of the destiny. It was after 1980 and the movement of the members to Gulf , their life stabilised in terms of income as well.

Post 1980 , the members of the community started moving out of the state to find greener pastures in the Gulf and Middle East. Today the community members are wide spread in Manjeshwar, Kasargod, Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Chikkamagalur, Shimoga, Hassan, Madikeri, Mysore and Bangalore. The community has spread in areas of Maharashtra, Pune, Mumbai, and Gujarat. There is immense presence in Saudi, Kuwait and other regions of Middle East. England, America, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Srilanka, China are other international destinations which have members of the community. A few Bearys have progressed even further in the past few years and have achieved tremendous development in the field of Education, Business & Politics.

Beary's Welfare Association came into being in 1987 with a motive to provide a means of communication and integration, and also to provide a platform to work towards the betterment of the Beary community in all aspects of life. The Beary Sammelan was successfully conducted under the aegis of the Sahithya Parishath. The Parishath has successfully organized 4 Sahitya Sammelanas viz Mangalore (in 1998 Presided by BM Iddinabba), Bantwal (in 1999 Presided by Abdul Khader Haji Goltamajal) Udupi (in 2001 Presided by BM Ichlangod) and Chikmagalur (in 2006 Presided by Fakir Mohd. Katpady). The Beary Sammelan witnessed participation of many associations. These Sammelans gave impetus to Beary Kalaranga, Bearys Cultural Forum, Bearys Welfare Forum A gazette notification followed in 2007 through which M.B. Abdul Rahman was appointed the President. A three term saw tremendous success followed by Rahim Ucchil who took over as the Second President. In the interim period of 10 months there was no appointment of President and members.

26-2-2014 I took over as the 3 rd President of the academy along with other 10 distinguished members. The general elections model code of conduct prohibited conducting of public meetings. However, this did not stop me from working towards the development of the language , searching the premises for the building, Bearys documentary, Beary- English dictionary, debates and discussions over the use of language, chairing meeting with the aged and experienced, broadcasting Beary news once a week in Akashavani, organising Beary cultural programme on a monthly basis , Beary Cultural Mela at Athoor and Ullal and many other things are conducted. Letters have been dispatched to nearly 800 Jamaiths seeking the development of Beary Language. 3-10-2014 will also witness the Beary Language Day.Insha Allah

A lot more left , a lot more to do . Seeking support and cooperation of all in the days to come

B A Mohammed Haneef


From Ex. President’s Desk


‘Assalam valekum’ to all my members of the beary fraternity and humble salutations to members of other society. Having taken over as the torch bearer of the Karnataka Beary sahithya Academy on 06-02-2012 , in association with several members have carried out various programmes for the upliftment of thge Beary tradition and culture. I may have been a member of a political party but i have always remained apolitiocal when it comes to Academy. I had earlier mentioned this and shall abide by the same . The functioning of the academy and its day to day affairs needed a thorough thought process and am thankful to all those who have helped in the same either by their presence or in absentia. As the saying goes all fingers arenot alike, so were the opinions about me heading the academy . Some gave a pat on the back while some spat, while some criticised. The power seat given by Allah was indeed a blessing and I did not heed to such matters.

There have been many a programmes dedicated to the upliftment of Beary culture and make it known to people at large. In association with other members activities that were carried were

Future steps of the Beary Academy of Mangalore’ – a thought was held.

Ramzan poetical evening and multi-lingual poets meet’ at Kundapur

Halli Hallig beary sandhal’ a walk displaying the folklore of beary community at Bantwal

Halli Hallig beary sandhal’ a walk displaying the folklore of beary community at Mangalore North constituency Surathkal.

Halli Hallig beary sandhal’ a walk displaying the folklore of beary community at Mangalore Constituency (Ullal)

Halli Hallig beary sandhal’ a walk displaying the folklore of beary community at Moodabidri Constituency

Award ceremony at Ravindra Kalakshetra ,Bangalore. “2011 award distribution ceremony”

“ Beliye Pernal Sandhola Art competition” at Mani Daarul Irshad educational society (Puttur)

‘ Beary literary and cultural fair’ at Mysore

Halli Hallig beary sandhal’ a walk displaying the folklore of beary community at Chamaraj and Narasimharaj constituencies , Mysore.

‘Byaari saahithyathil ormappad pirsappad’ in Balehonnur chickmaglur

Halli Hallig beary sandhal’ a walk displaying the folklore of beary community at Belur of Hassan district and sakaleshpur constituency

“Eid Milan talent and harmony meet” at Masjid Maidan, Gulwadi.

“State level duf and cultural festival” at Hayatullah Islam Higher Primary aided school , Bantwal

In this fashion Beary culture has been made known to people. Impetus has been given to various artistes and performers . The rich culture of the Beary community Duff, oppaana,kolkali and the folk songs have been receiving wide support .

These may be the primary objectives enlisted by the Academy but this doesnot fullfill the task .More than 30 lakh members of the beary fraternity need to be brought under one roof and the need is the ;Beary Bhavana’ which is a dream. This will act as one stop solution –guide to all the members. A proposal has been sent to the government. The days of realising this dream are much closer now.

A dictionary which serves as a learning guide to the language will also be brought out. The language ahs almost 16,000 words will be in the Beary-Kannada- Malayalam-English format. With the grace of Allah , the same may be completed by 3 or 4 months.

A proposal has also been sent to the Mangalore university to open a study centre and Research in the field of Beary language. The realisation of this project will take Beary language to greater heights and will receive international exposure. A thought of an International Beary convention is also on the cards and a proposal to that effect has been carried. Despite the political state of affairs in the state capital, the academy has strived to function in its best way.

Wide support has been received from C.T Ravi, Ramanath Rai, Krishna J Palemar, N .Yogish Bhat, Abhayachandra jain, U T khader, Mukhyamantri Chandru,N A Haaris, H D Kumaraswamy through their active participation in several functions and programmes.

A false rumour led to an assault and attack in the recent past. I thank Allah for having given me a re-birth which I consider is the most important after the attack. People with vengeance have started to shower their love and i Thank Lord Allah for the same.

I would want to work to the fullest and abide by the rules of the academy. The Position of the President is just a terminology; it’s just on papers while the Karnataka Beary Sahithya Academy is the property of the members of the beary community at large. Let feedbacks be the strong points for the growth of the academy. Your valued suggestions and thoughts are always welcome. I urge every individual to Pray to Allah for my longevity and i shall remain always indebted to you and always one amongst you

Yours Truly

Rahim uchil

beary sahithya academy

From EX. President’s Desk


Assalam Alaikum

With Greetings of the season,

It gives me immense pleasure to address through this new E-media and to dedicate this informative web site to my community. Alhamdulillah, I profusely thank Allah, the Almighty, for having made this possible. I am sure that my educated community will appreciate this effort and make use of this media to address and interact on the prevailing social issues of our community and the society at large.

The Beary Community is a distinct ethnic group spread over coastal Karnataka, parts of Malanadu region and northern Kerala with a History of over 1200 years and with a rich heritage, unique culture and distinct language. This community of over 12 lakhs people has contributed significantly to the socio-economic and cultural development of the region.

Over the years, business has been the main enterprises of this hard working and socially amiable community. Today, the community has woken up to the present changes that are taking place all over. Also we have responded positively as seen in the rapid strides that the community has made in the field of education and business. The contribution of this community in the field of education, medicine, engineering, banking and business has been immense and beyond recognition.

Today, Of course, the Bearys need no introduction, but it has been a long march to attain the status of what the community is at present. The turning point towards progress was the foundation of THE BEARYS WELFARE ASSOCIATION, WHICH STARTED IN THE YEAR 1987 by a few enterprising Bearys of Bangalore with the purpose of organizing this community, giving them a pride in their identity and helping them to revive their past glory. In the year 1997, The Bearys Welfare Association conducted a two day SAMMELANA in the Palace Grounds, Bangalore. This was the first ever conference of Beary community, which turned out to be a great success, which became a milestone in the history of Bearys.

Inspired by the success of the Bangalore SAMMELANA, a few enthusiast Beary of Mangalore have formed a cultural organization called The Beary Sahithya Sansnkritika Sangha in panambur. Under the stewardship of this organization, the first ever Beary Sahitya Sammelana was held in the year 1998 in Town Hall Mangalore. The success of this Sammelana has resulted in the formation of The Kendra Beary Sahitya Parishath in 1998, which has been the prime force of the Beary community in its collective endeavor ever since its inception. The Parishath has been spearheading a silent revolution in the community towards its progress in an environment of overall social amity. To streamline the community’s efforts in this right direction , the Parishath has been regularly organizing sammelanas, seminars, educational workshops, publishing activities, writer and thinkers conclaves etc.

The community’s demand for the formation of Beary Cultural Academy was granted on 03/10/2007 by Shri H.D. Kumaraswamy, the erstwhile honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, who had led JDS/BJP united Government. Subsequently, Shri B.S Yeddyurappa, the present honourable Chief Minister of BJP Government, constituted the Beary Cultural Academy on 5/2/2009. As all of you know, I was honoured with the coveted post of President of the Karnataka Beary Sahithya Academy for a term of 3 years.

At the beginning for a period of 6 months, the Academy has been functioning in the premises of Karnataka Tulu Academy office at Mangalore city Corporation till it moved into its own fully furnished present office in Presidium Commercial Complex at Attavara, Mangalore.

The academy has successfully organized over 20 major cultural programmes in and around Mangalore , Bangalore and Mumbai. For the past one year we have plans to take up the task of retrieval of Beary folk literature, research on rich cultural heritage of BEARY Language, publication of Beary books etc. in the years to come. It’s right time, we Bearys as a community realize the wisdom of collective progress and work towards organizing ourselves in the constructive way for the betterment of our community. I earnestly solicit your co-operation in this endeavour.

May Allah bless all of us.

M B Abdul Rahman

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