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beary sahithya academy
beary sahithya academy
    Other Plans
  • Prize distribution
    Beary academy will recognize the dignitaries who have contributed for the development of the Beary language in the field of research, stage art, folk art and felicited them in the ceremony.

    The award will include Rs. 10,000 in cash, a shawl, garland and a certificate as a part of book prizes three beary to kannada translators will be rewarded Rs. 5000 in cash, a shawl and a certificate. The selection panel for indentifying the prize winners will include dignitaries from the respected whose decisions will be final.

  • Gathering of Poets and bilingual Poets meet:
    The main motive of the meet is to identify talented poets .The selected poetry emerging out of the meet will be published as a book. A bilingual meet will also be organized for Tulu, kodava, Malayalam and English languages.

  • Out bound Programs:
    Out bound programs in the field of beary literature, art and cultural programs will be organized in places where there is a bunch of beary community.

  • Workshops and Seminars:
    To encourage beary literature and arts among the community members and youth Academy will organize workshops and seminars in the field of language, literature, drama, singing, translating seminars and research academy will organize workshops.

  • Joint program of the Academy with cooperation from Government bodies and beary establishments:
    For the development of beary language and culture academy will organize programs in association with government bodies, beary organizations or local bodies whichever is convenient.

  • Women’s day meet:
    Academy will organize a meet on Women’s day for beary women and conduct various programs.

  • Interstate Program (Border areas)
    Beary academy will organize interstate programs for the development of beary language and culture with cooperation from local bodies.
beary sahithya academy
  • Write-up on Folk and literature:
    Abundant beary literature which is available at villages will be compiled in a form of book. Books on beary language, literature, art, culture and history will also be published.

  • News letter:
    Beary academy will publish a quarterly news magazine on the activities of the academy. The publication will be circulated four times in a year.
beary sahithya academy
  • CD on beary literature and arts:
    To encourage beary writers and artists beary academy will identify a noted music composer to compose songs based on the lyrics of the poets and release Cd’s.

  • Study and research Centre:
    Academy will identify important matters related to public and appoint an qualified person on compensation to study the related issue. Academy will also publish the outcome given by the appointee.

  • Purchase of books for the library:
    To encourage beary writers academy will purchase books relating to beary language and culture and keep the collection of the same in its library.

  • Information board activities:
    Photo gallery, Notice board and different photographs to be collected and published.
beary sahithya academy
  • Global Beary Meet:
    A global beary meet will be organized by the academy to impart knowledge of rich beary culture for its community members who have settled abroad.

  • State level program on beary language, literature and arts awareness:
    The beary community which is scattered around the state will be invited under a single roof to create awareness on beary language and literature.

  • State level Folk-art Competition:
    Competitions will be organized in the field of folk arts reflecting beary culture like Dhaff dance, oppana patt, Kolkili and mehendi.

  • Cultural programs for developing love towards beary language for children:
    In recent times as a part of globalization people are very much lenient towards English language which effects our rich culture to a great extent. In order to develop love towards their mother tongue competitions and cultural programs will be organized especially to the Youth and Children.

  • Encouragement of Young Beary children:
    Beary students who have scored high marks in their academics like SSLC, PUC, and Degree will be encouraged for further studies and also develop respect and love for their mother tongue.
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beary saahithya academy mangalore
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Bearys History
The Beary is a small Muslim communiy concentrated mostly in Ancient TULUNAD which includes coastal districts of Dakchina Kannada & Udupi in Karnataka State and Kasaragod in Kerala State . It is an ethnic society having its own unique traditions and . . read more»
beary saahithya academy mangalore
beary mangalore
beary sahithya academy
beary saahithya academy mangalore
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Beary Academy Activities
beary academy Activity Workshops and Seminars beary academy Activity News letter
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